New High Definition Reel for Go To Team Charleston DP

In addition to being an outstanding Director of Photography, Go To Team’s Tom Wells has an eye for editing. Tom had already created a timeline with a rough cut and just wanted to add a couple of shots and some titles. As an editor for Go To Team I was thrilled to work with him on his latest demo reel. Tom knew the type of shots he wanted to showcase. He wanted to focus strictly on his high-definition work and he wanted to use shots that emphasized his artistic eye and production capability.

We used a combination of Varicam and F-900 HD footage. As Tom selected the shots for his reel, he emphasized production. When on location he packs a 7 head ARRI kit, a Microdolly and an array of high-definition lenses and even an HD Pencil Cam to name just a few of his toys. We wanted to take this opportunity to show off some of Tom’s high-definition capability.

Tom’s lighting is just one of his strengths that we incorporated into his reel. His production capability separates him from a typical ENG shooter. “I can set up the Microdolly and Jib in less than five minutes and break it down in under three.” he told me. Just to demonstrate that, we edited a time lapse of Tom setting up his jib and incorporated it into his reel.

To see more of Go To Team’s Charleston Director of Photography, Tom Wells’ work, see his resume page.


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