Beckmann Crew Slam Dunks YouTube

Go To Team’s Orlando DP, Dan Beckmann, traveled to Naples, Florida to shoot the “YouTube Slam Dunk” video with Team Flight Brothers. ┬áSponsored by the all new Nissan 370Z, and posting nearly 70,000 hits so far on YouTube, the video allows you to submit a 30 second audition video of your own material showcasing your best dunking abilities for a chance to win amazing prizes!
The Official Title of “Best Dunker On YouTube”
A trip to a Team Flight Brothers Event and the opportunity to perform as an honorary member
And Autographed stuff from Chris Bosh & Jalen Rose
Using the Go To team Micro Jib with an HVR Z1U, Beckmann was able to capture amazing shots in 1080i – from behind the glass of the backboard, to high angle shots above the rim!

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