13 Jul Go To Team Sports Reel

Video Clip

As an editor for the Go To Team, I get my hands on every type of footage imaginable. From coverage in Iraq to Stand-ups in DC, to the Super Bowl in Arizona, I've seen a lot of tape... and P2. While I'm not a big sports fan, I really like editing sports. The fast pace nature of it allows lots of freedom when editing. gtt-sports-reel When given the task of editing a compilation of High-Definition Go To Team sports coverage, I was happy to be working with some of the great footage we've accumulated over the years. Our crews always manage to ad something special to the job. Whether it's the lighting, the framing, the camera moves or the look they create, it's always exciting to see what they've come up with. gtt-sports-reel2 The above video shows some of the different looks and styles that our DPs lend to their shoots. Editing their footage was just fun. While I only used our HD footage, you'll see shots from a variety of cameras including the F-900, the Varicam and even the famed Phantom camera which is capable of shoot up to 2000 frames per second. Check it out. I hope it gives you an idea of why next time you should book Go To Team. gtt-sports-reel3Click here to view our sports reel on our website.