Weather Channel blows through the National Hurricane Convention in Orlando Florida

Orlando Crew with Jim Cantore

Lowrey with Jim Cantore

Orlando based crew Dan Lowrey started his hurricane coverage early this year at the 2010 National Hurricane Conference with The Weather Channel. Lowrey spent three days shooting some of the coolest Hurricane gadgets available for segments with Jim Cantore. Everything from solar generators, to “just add water” hot meals made their debut on The Weather Channel. After the segments were shot the crew went live to show what these products can do. Jim Cantore and Lowrey also interviewed some experts for their predictions on the 2010 hurricane season. Be sure to call Go To Team as soon as the radar starts to go crazy. We’ll be ready!

Interview with the expert

crew shooting weather

Shooting with the sandbag expert

Weather live shot in Orlando

Live shots.... and then some more live shots.

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