Raleigh Video Crew vacinates the HDX-900 @ Pfizer Plant

Raleigh Cameraman shooting on HDX-900

Raleigh Cameraman on Corporate shoot with HDX-900

Raleigh Cameraman Jimmy Hall spent a couple of days shooting HD on the Panasonic HDX 900 @ the Pfizer plant in Sanford NC.

The project was to help inform the public about the safety and care that is put into manufacturing the vaccines that are produced on the Sanford campus, specifically Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine Prevnar 13.

For some hallway shots we used sound tech Ian McCullen’s longboard to get low tracking shots to show how the baseboards are concave so dirt doesn’t get stuck between cracks.

In the two days we knocked out 16 interviews plus a bucket of b-roll and a ride on a cool little forklift.