Charleston and Nashville Crews Film Car Collector for Speed Channel

With the Barrett Jackson Car Auction coming up Charleston Crew, Dave Baker, and myself headed down to Gainesville, GA for SPEED.  Avid car collector, Bob Johnson, has quite a collection of automobiles in a large garage next to his home in Gainesville.  Armed with two HDX-900’s and an army of lights between the two crews, we lit his garage for his interview with Speed host, Bob Varsha.

When the interview was over we shot some stand-ups with Bob Varsha followed by some voice over’s.  Dave and I then reset the lighting around a couple of cars in the collection so that Mr. Johnson could show them off to Mr. Varsha.

Afterwards Dave and I split off to shoot various cars in the collection.  Honestly, I could have shot footage of his collection all day.   While I was shooting b-roll Dave split off for a bit and captured some footage of Mr. Johnson driving around one of his rarer cars.

It wasn’t long before our producer had everything she needed.  Any day I get to shoot classic cars is a good day in my book.

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