Raleigh Camera Crew heads to Fort Bragg for the Food Network July 4th Special

Scared of missing the greased watermelon competition ’cause you want to watch the Food Network’s Sunny Anderson’s All American Celebration on the 4th?  Well, guess what?  It’s going to premiere on the 2nd and replay on the 4th…so no worries about wrestling that last deviled egg from Uncle Herman’s death clutch…the Food Network’s looking out for you.

Some of you might say, ‘what is this program you speak of and how is it related to Go To Team?’  Here’s the story, back in May Raleigh cameraman Jimmy Hall headed down south with his Panasonic HDX 900 to spend a week with the good soldiers of 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg (by population is the largest military installation in the WORLD).  Sunny’s mission is a very personal and patriotic journey, to look back on her time in the military, celebrate our men and women in uniform and show us that a behind every great soldier is a good meal.

During the trip we did a cooking setup at a Veteran’s picnic where Sonny did an updated spin on a military classic…The SOS (shit on a shingle), AKA chipped beef on toast.  The veteran’s loved Sonny’s update and told some great story’s about how they made their SOS tolerable when they were in theatre.