Charlotte Crew Travels to Winston-Salem, N.C. for a Turner Father-Son Feature on Bill and Shane Elliott

I recently got the privilege to shoot for Turner Sports up in Winston Salem for a day. I was there covering former NASCAR Champion Bill Elliott and his son Shane Elliott at the historical Bowman Gray stadium. Shane is a rising star in the K&N Pro Series East and Bill serves as his spotter on the road. What made the shoot cool was that we were able capture audio live during qualifying by tapping into the radio feed between Bill and Shane. I set up next to Bill in the bleachers to capture any Broll or moments of conversation between father and son.

Scenics on the HDX-900…

After qualifying was finished it was hustle time to get back to the pits and catch any conversation there. Before the Driver intros, we had t0 shoot Shane doing an autograph session for the fans on the track…. He has quite a following! Later on during the race we were still tapped into Bill and Shane’s radio feed so we could record any dialogue. The race came to end, Shane dodged a few wrecks and managed to finish 6th. Historically speaking it was an awesome shoot and an experience any hardcore NASCAR fan would die for. I feel pretty lucky to have been at the center of all the action.

Father/son interviews in the infield.


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