Nashville Crew Shoots for the Teaching American History Fund

Well, I can officially say I’ve filmed George Washington.  Thanks to the Teaching American History Fund I got to do that as well as spend all day in a high school.  Pretty cool, right?

With the sun peaking over the horizon, my producer and I headed to Shelbyville, TN.  We were shooting on the HVX 200 that day.  Basically we were covering this event put on by the Teaching American History Fund.  There were different sessions that history teachers could attend.  The guest speaker was George Washington from Colonial Williamsburg.  The day started with shooting George Washington’s speech.  I then shot b-roll of teachers learning in the classroom.  Afterwards I set up for some interviews with teachers and those responsible for getting the grant.

When the event was over I packed up and set out to get some shots of Shelbyville, TN.  We were able to get some shots of the county court house and town square.  Just as the sun was going down we started to head back to Nashville.

Holy Cow, it's George Washington!