21 Apr ATL -> Mississippi

For this shoot, our hero adventured to Jackson Mississippi for a couple days to shoot some green screen and b-roll.  Prior to this, he had never done anything other than travel through the Magnolia State.  Rolling into Jackson, he noticed there weren’t many people in habitant the metro area, but it consisted of a handful of people there for events and business, much like himself.  He was weary from his travel and called it a night.

The next morning he awoke and realized something amazing had happened the week before.  Whoever booked his hotel had put him in the very same one the interviews were to take place! Pushing the cart down to the room, he greeted his audio op and began to set up. Things were going well, the green screen was even delivered in a potato chip box.  That was a minor setback, but it was overcome.  Lighting – check, waveform – check, sound – check. Just like that, interviews began.  The stories told depicted the Civil Rights movement and provided very moving sentiments to a difficult era.  Lots of history was captured within the cards.

Before he left the metropolis, Atlanta, our hero had acquired a new piece of gear – The Odyssey recorder.  Previously unusable for his line of work, the firmware had been upgraded to support the popular and ever versatile, ProRes 422 recording format.  With 1TB of memory locked and loaded, the Odyssey was put through its paces in a 2 day shoot.

After retiring for the night and eating much sushi, our hero left his post and headed to his quarters.  Our hero rose with the sun, anticipating the days shoot.  He was fortunate enough to be able to leave his lights set in a secure room so the build for the day was simple.  He brought his trusty, F3 down, plugged in, and started to roll on more interviews.

Later in the day, after a delicious BBQ chicken quesidilla, the adventure left the hotel and hit the streets.  B-roll of the town was captured along with a few walk and talks.  Shooting was finished just in time for the sky to open and let down what seemed like an entire lake within one minute.  With that, the shoot was a wrap and our hero ventured home, knowing what he shot was a part of history.

-Jeff M

The Odyssey view


My view.