DC Crew Hits the NASCAR Track in Richmond

It was only a matter of time until I got my eyes back on some Nascar action.  Shooting for Fox Sports, I traversed south on I-95 to Richmond International Raceway, thankfully not during rush hour.   I took part in shooting two segments for the pre-race show, both featuring hometown hero Denny Hamlin.   I used the Sony PMW F3 fitted with Canon L series glass for these tasks.   Beautiful pictures was the name of the game as I ventured through Chesterfield, Va. searching for hometown “Americana”.  The b-roll consisted of back roads, old buildings and waterways.  Btw snakes are now out of hibernation, FYI.  Using my MYT slider made capturing the beauty of each in environment a breeze.  The second segment was shot with an F55 and F3 in S-Log Gamma and using whatever adjustments we could to match the cameras.   They ended up matching nicely after tweaking a few settings.  It was a quick Toyota promo with a shtick about Hamlin having a key to the city of Richmond but not one to start a Camry.  Good fun all around. photo RoadIt was nice to see my friends at Fox Sports again and always great to be back at the track!


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