Dallas Crew Spends the Day at Walmart in Oklahoma City

Nate Walmart Ext

 A quick drive North up Interstate 35 put my audio guy and I across the Texas-Oklahoma border while on the way to Oklahoma City.

We were told this was going to be an easy in-and-out shoot at the local Walmart Neighborhood Market. The mission was to get in to shoot interviews and broll with associates and customers about what it takes to be a great store. Easy stuff, let’s do this!


The camera of choice was the trusty HDX900, which turned out to be a great choice for what we were doing (a mix of over the shoulder/tripod shooting). I rigged up my Odyssey 7Q to be able to record ProRes .mov files to deliver to the client by the end of the shoot.

The Odyssey also doubles as an awesome field monitor allowing the producer and clients to preview over my shoulder.

I was sent reference material to match the style and look of, which made everyone’s job a little easier.

Throughout the day we shot colorful interviews with a handful of associates and management all around the store. We managed to sneak in a few long time customers of this particular Neighborhood Market.


The Neighborhood Market provided me with a ton of creative backgrounds to use with the various colors and textures. It also helps that the local Walmart was equipped with diffused skylights as well as LED lighting giving me an even spread of available light throughout the entire store.

I did end up using a single LED Lite Panel on our interviews to create just a tad of light on each interviewee’s face. Other than that, the HDX900 handled the available light very well.

We were able to wrap up our day getting the necessary broll of our interviewees in action, while performing their daily functions and interacting with customers. The accommodating team at the Walmart Neighborhood Market made this a fun shoot to be apart of!

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