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Charlotte, NC Camerawoman in Richmond, VA for CNBC’s Squawk Box


CNBC Squawk Box Segment

Small businesses are in for a rough adjustment if the GOP’s border adjustment tax goes through. Ledbury, a small clothing company based in Richmond, Virginia is no exception. CNBC’s Squawk Box was on the scene to hear their side of the story.

Ledbury only manufactures 2% of its inventory in the US – the other 98% is manufactured in Europe. Paul Trible, CEO, walked us around his store and talked about what the border adjustment tax means for him and his company. The adjustment would mean a 20% tax on imports. That means they’d have to raise prices significantly, cut workers hours and may even have to lay off some employees.

CNBC Squawk Box Segment

CNBC wanted to capture the full interview, a walk and talk, and B-roll of people working and sewing.

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