KegWorks on CNBC

Cleveland Cameraman Has a “Bright Idea” Shooting with CNBC

Need a cold one? Shop online at KegWorks. Our Cleveland cameraman, Ryan Lohr, got a taste while working with CNBC.

KegWorks was founded in the late 90’s by David Rivers – way before online shopping was common. It sells everything for a bar but the booze. Kegerators, foot rails, drink making tools and more! Rivers talked about his start in the beer business and how that led to KegWorks. He never thought it’d be as big as it is now and says he attributes that to his team, “Hire smarter people and then get out of their way.”

KegWorks on CNBC

CNBC wanted to highlight this innovative company for their Nightly Business Report segment “Bright Ideas.” They had us capture interviews at Rivers home and B-roll at the KegWorks warehouse in Buffalo.

Watch the full piece below!