Columbia Camera Crew Mario Chalmers with Bleacher Report

Columbia, South Carolina Camera Crew Buzzer Beater Shoot with Bleacher Report

From college ball to pro ball – learn from Bleacher Report how Mario Chalmers got to where he is today in basketball.

Basketball Star Mario Chalmers NCAA Championship Win

Our Columbia, South Carolina camera crew, Craig Goodale and David DiFalco, joined Bleacher Report to delve into the past of basketball player Mario Chalmers. His buzzer beater shot during the 2008 NCAA Championship game gave the University of Kansas the comeback win.

Columbia Camera Crew Mario Chalmers with Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report Learns About Mario Chalmers’ College Career

Our Columbia, South Carolina camera crew filmed Chalmers as he recalled the stress of playing for KU against favorites-to-win, Memphis. He talked about how, in the final moments, it all came down to practice and instinct. Chalmers’ 3-pointer with two seconds remaining tied up the game and allowed Kansas to claim the Championship in overtime. Bill Self, KU’s head coach sat down with Jason King at Bleacher Report and gave us insight on how the shot was a pivotal moment in Chalmers’ career that led him to where he is now in the NBA.

Columbia Camera Crew Mario Chalmers with Bleacher Report

Memphis Grizzlies basketball pro, Mario Chalmers, got his fame by beating the buzzer in a championship game for the KU. Thank you for letting us help tell his story Bleacher Report! Always a fun shoot with you guys.

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