The Chew on the Oscars Red Carpet

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The Chew on the Oscar's Red Carpet

Chew on this! Carla Hall from The Chew was on the Oscar’s Red Carpet this weekend throwing muffins at celebrities.

Let’s back up a little. The Chew is like The View geared towards foodies. The show sent host Carla Hall to the one place where celebrities are most hungry – the red carpet! The Oscar’s is the most prestigious awards ceremony in film and its red carpet is just as prestigious and glamourous. But glamour aside, celebs are busy getting ready all day and always complain about not having time to eat. So Hall came prepared!

She tried to reel in stars for interviews by tossing yummy muffins their way. She managed to catch Seth Rogen, Keith Urban, Kirsten Dunst and more! The night was a fun, crazy whirlwind of celebrities, cameras and camaraderie.

Check out the full episode where Hall reports on all her red carpet activities.