Gabrielle Union on E! News

Miami Video Crew with E! News and Gabrielle Union

Miami video crew and E! news talk with Gabrielle Union about her new beauty line, hubby Dwyane Wade, and blocking out the haters.
Gabrielle Union on E! News

Gabrielle Union looking “Flawless” in pictures and #IRL

What’s better than an E! News shoot with Gabrielle Union? When her husband Dwyane Wade makes a surprise appearance as well! Our Miami video crew, Juan Lopez, and his apprentice, Mike Sheldon, were in on the surprise.

Gabrielle Union on E! News

Dwayne Wade fan Juan Lopez

E! News was at a Gabrielle Union meet and greet at an Ulta in Miami where she was promoting her beauty line “Flawless.” We were hoping some of that flawlessness would rub off on us too. Ha! Union is known for clapping back at her haters so we talked with her about online trolls. We also talked about Wade leaving the toilet seat up and how it makes her furious.

Watch the full piece here!


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