It's All So Yummy - Ice Cream Week

Nashville Camera Crew Celebrating Ice Cream Week At It’s All So Yummy

It's All So Yummy - Ice Cream Nation

It’s All So Yummy Ice Cream Parlor

Sugary sprinkles everywhere! Our Nashville camera crew, Peter Leininger, got his fill of ice cream with sprinkles at an ice cream shop called It’s All So Yummy in Knoxville, TN.

It's All So Yummy - Ice Cream Nation

Citizen Pictures Teams Up With Food Network

Citizen Pictures wanted to work closely with Food Network to get great content for Ice Cream Week. The crew captured lots of B-roll of different ice cream treats being made at It’s All So Yummy. And then they shot the Rocky Top Challenge – a gigantic bowl of ice cream that had to be eaten in a certain amount of time. (Spoiler: The challenger could not finish the entire bowl, but the crowd still cheered for him and his effort.)

The biggest reward of this great shoot? Getting to eat lots of yummy ice cream!

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