Sheryl Crow Sits Down with E! News

Nashville Cameraman Gets Fashion Advice from Sheryl Crow on E! News Shoot

Sheryl Crow on E! News

Sheryl Crow is a singer-songwriter and actress who has released eight albums, sold 50 million albums worldwide, won nine Grammys, performed with the world’s top singers and has appeared on many TV shows. So what does she do next? Create a clothing line!

Sheryl Crow Interview Set-Up

E! News wanted to find out all about her clothing line in an exclusive interview. She said the line is inspired by what she wears – 60s/70s rocker-style clothes! The motto is: “easy-to-wear styles, for the everyday girl, with a rock n’ roll twist.” Her line is available on HSN.

She was a real pleasure to work with. E! News had us shoot the interview and also a walk-and-talk where she showed off some of her clothes. In addition to her new clothing line, she has a new album coming out this summer that will have her going on tour. It’s titled “Be Myself” which is very fitting for her.



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