Easter Egg Roll with Inside Edition

Rollin’ to the White House on Easter for Inside Edition

Easter Egg Roll with Inside Edition

Working with Inside Edition was a real treat, and working at the White House made it all the better! We got a little face time with many of the key individuals in the Trump administration like Sean Spicer. We also interviewed Melania and Donald Trump Jr. An interview with Eric Trump took us in arms reach of the White House steps. We got exclusive access to be there with Secret Service all around us, it was quite extraordinary!

The day started off with us waiting in the press briefing room, then being promptly escorted out to the south lawn where the Easter festivities were taking place. This brought us to a media holding area where we could see all of the activities unfolding before our very eyes! There was a little drizzle throughout the day, but that didn’t stop the excitement and buzz one bit. After covering the activities on the south lawn we proceeded to transfer the footage to our friends in New York and called it a day!

I had such a great time, as you can see from the photo. It was a great event with a great crew. You can’t get any better than this!

Check out the full piece here!

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