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Above Audio Clip is from Radio Show at NAB Conference in 2009, with DP Skip Clark.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the past Apprentices? Many of them still work with Go To Team.
Skip Clark is now a freelance DP.
Tom Wells is now a freelance DP.
Dave Baker, 2005 Apprentice, is now a Go To Team Cameraman in Charleston, SC. Click here to read a Q&A we had with him about the position.
Jimmy Hall, 2006 apprentice, is now a Go To Team Cameraman in Raleigh, NC.  Click here to read a Q&A we had with him about the position.
John South, 2007 Apprentice, is now a Freelance Sound Operator in Charlotte, NC (still working with Go To Team). Click here to read a Q&A we had with him about the position.
Nick Modisett, 2008 Apprentice, is now working for the Memphis Grizzlies

Dan Lowrey, 2009 Apprentice, is now a Go To Team Cameraman in Los Angeles, CA.

Roger Woodruff, 2010 Apprentice is now a Go To Team Cameraman in Dallas, TX after being in Nashville for for GTT for 2 years.

JP Biciunas, 2011 Apprentice is now working for Public Television in the Chicago, IL area.

Kevin Justin, 2011 Apprentice is now in Physical Therapy School in Atlanta

Ryan Dumville, 2012 Atlanta Apprentice is now a Go To Team Cameraman in Charlotte, NC.

Craig Goodale, 2012 Charleston Apprentice is now a Go To Team Cameraman in Nashville, TN

Jeff McGovern, 2012 Atlanta Apprentice is now a Go To Team Cameraman in Atlanta, GA

What is Go To Team’s goal for the apprenticeship?
Our goal is to develop passionate storytellers into Directors of Photography.

Who should apply?
The position is to be filled by someone who can tell a story. When reviewing reels we look for signs of potential for great
shooting. Many of our best candidates have superb b-roll and some interview samples, but haven’t had
the tools or training to light large interviews.  Moreover, we look for someone with a great attitude.  Do you want to walk through that wall?

I’ve applied before, should I apply again?
Absolutely, we often see repeat applicants and if anything like to see the positive
progression. We do recommend updating your reel with your newest and best
pieces every time.

Who will I be working with?
One of our accomplished Directors of Photography.

Will I be anyone’s personal assistant, answering phones, or washing cars?
No. The Go To Team Apprenticeship isn’t easy. It is a challenging experience
for storytellers that want to be their best. “You will be running audio,
lighting, producing, and learning every aspect of high-end video
production.” You will not be involved with the shipping department,
secretarial pool or tape library. However, you may serve as a Production
Assistant on location because we find that to be a valuable learning

I saw the position is part of the Federal Apprenticeship program, what is that?
The Go To Team Director of Photography is unique in the landscape of creative positions in the nation. It is part of the Federal Apprenticeship program, insuring only the highest standards of training and process. You can learn more about the Federal Apprenticeship Program here. In the US there are very few opportunities for Apprenticeships in the creative industry and our believe is that it affords individuals the very best opportunity to move their career forward.

Am I guaranteed a Director of Photographer position with Go To Team?
No. The DP distinction is based on clients, types of shoots and multi-camera management.
However several GTT DPs were all former apprentices. We hope to move every apprentice to a Director of Photography
position. You are certain to become a great storyteller. The apprenticeship is only the first 12 months of the cameraman contract

Will I have to sign a contract?
Yes, 3 year commitment. The majority of applicants are from out of state and we have
found that providing a multi-year contract ensures potential
candidates that they can make a move with confidence with a long-term

How many applicants do you get?
We have posted the position for several years now and typically get more
than 50 entries per position.

Do you expect me to take a pay-cut to take this position?
No. Please only apply if you are comfortable making around $30,000 per year.
There are opportunities to make more money through over-time
(time and a half after 40 hours per week or 10 on-location) and perhaps
NABET Network pay.

Do I need a personal vehicle or will one be provided?
Yes, you need a personal vehicle. Our DP will not pick you up for work
each day. You will be reimbursed mileage if your personal vehicle is used
for a shoot.

Will there be travel or long hours?
Absolutely. Go To Team’s clients shoot nationally and internationally and
there is no better experience than traveling with one of our crews on a long
assignment. It is not uncommon to work more than 4 shoot days per week.
However, some weeks might be very slow.

Will Go To Team bill for my services?
Yes, Go To Team is a profitable corporation and intends to bill our clients
for your services. However, we see a much greater value in creating a
long-term relationship with a well-trained Director of Photography, than
using the position to waste a good photog’s valuable time.

Can’t I make a lot more money shooting freelance for these same clients?
We don’t expect this Apprentice to shoot full-time for our clients. They
will mostly be going out in the field with our crews. Anyone that works with GTT
on a network shoot gets paid their full NABET pay direct from the Network,
but we wouldn’t recommend anyone for a network shoot unless they were a
fully capable camera or sound person.

Are there other ways to work with Go To Team?
Yes, we have a large list of freelancers including audio operators, grips,
producers, and camera operators. We book these positions as needed to supports our Staff Cameramen.
and make our clients’ lives easier. If you are already a freelancer in the southeast please submit your contact
information to us. Click here for our Contact Us page.

Is this like the television show “The Apprentice”?
Yes, we want candidates that are serious about their profession and hope to
use this experience as a career stepping-stone. But, no, we don’t fire
people each week.

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