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Why Hire Our Los Angeles, California Video Production Camera Crew?

Los Angeles, California Video Production Camera Crew

David Feeney Lance is Go To Team’s Los Angeles Cameraman. He started in TV on the East Coast in upstate New York working on television show for National Geographic. While on “Building Wild”,  he discovered his passion for visual story telling.

He was then “called” to LA and worked in scripted, unscripted, news, web series, and commercials for major networks including: Fox, Fox Sports, Spike, WWE, Turner, HGTV, Weather, Youtube, CBS, HBO, CNBC, GSN, ESPN and many others. All of the Network show experience honed his skills with cameras, lighting, audio. “Sometimes the most important thing on a video shoot is audio. A lot of people don’t understand that.”

“The great thing about my life is the wide variety of stories and clients.” He believes, “The collaboration in the production process has always been an integral part of turning out an excellent product.” David strives to continuously expand his his storytelling and camera skills in an ever changing environment. “You never stop learning!”

Recent Video Production Shoots in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Video Camera Crew The Chew

Los Angeles Video Camera Crew in the “Trap Kitchen” with The Chew

Our Los Angeles video camera crew, David Feeney Lance, headed to Compton with The Chew to learn what goes down in the innovative and...

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Los Angeles Camera Crew with The Chew

Los Angeles Camera Crew Gets to Cooking with The Chew

Our Los Angeles camera crew, David Feeney Lance, learns how to get children to make healthy meal choices with The Chew and Common Threads....

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Los Angeles Camera Crew with Billie Jean King and Emma Stone

Los Angeles Camera Crew with Billie Jean King, Emma Stone and CBS Sports

The movie “Battle of the Sexes” celebrates the 44th anniversary of the historic tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs that was...

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Daily Planet on the beach

Los Angeles Video Crew In the Blue with Discovery’s Daily Planet

Los Angeles video crew dips into the deep blue with sharks and dolphins and Daily Planet. Oh my! LA Crew Dives into Shark Territory...

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Turner Sports with Doc Rivers

Los Angeles Director of Photography Goes to the “Doc” with Turner Sports

 Los Angeles Director of Photography on the Red Carpet for the NBA Awards Drake hosted the first ever NBA Awards. Celebrity shoe cams littered...

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A&E and Lifetime's Chloe Does It

LA Crew with A&E’s Lifetime for Short-Form Series “Chloe Does It”

LA Video Crew and Dance Moms Star’s Series Do you like “Dance Moms“? Then you’ll love “Chloe Does It“! Chloe Lukasiak, one of the...

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ESPN The Mag Body Issue

Los Angeles Video Crew with Kirstie Ennis for ESPN The Mag Body Issue

Los Angeles Video Crew in the Desert with ESPN Roughly in the center of Southern California, two massive desert landscapes merge. The lower-elevation Colorado...

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Turner Beach Volleyball Cameraman

Los Angeles Crew Hits the Beach with Turner

Not just another day at the beach for this shoot – athletics and competition at its finest! Turner teamed up with the Pac-12 to...

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