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Why Hire Our St. Louis, Missouri Video Production Camera Crew?

St Louis, Missouri Video Production Camera Crew

St. Louis cameraman Kyle Kaiser combines his passion for storytelling and love of production to craft compelling content to engage your audience.

Kyle’s experience shooting corporate, commercial and news production makes him well versed in the medium of light and sound. “I’m dedicated to capturing the moment.”

Kyle’s clients include: Fox Sports, MLS, The Golf Channel, CNBC, IBM, Deloitte, The Fox Foundation, and Sports Illustrated.

Kyle works tirelessly to ensure that your footage is gorgeous and helps tell your story. “Every shoot is an opportunity to to inspire, inform, and bring a piece of the world to everyone’s doorstep.”  With experience as a technical director and an editor, Kyle knows what it takes to put a segment together and shoots with the edit in mind.

Recent Video Production Shoots in St. Louis, MO

Atlanta Video Crew and Nashville Video Crew with Shaq

Atlanta Video Crew and Nashville Video Crew Celebrate Small Business Saturday with Shaquille O’Neal and Turner Sports

Our Atlanta video crew, Brent Ebell, and Nashville video crew, Peter Leininger and Chris Halleen, teamed up with Turner Sports and American Express to...

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Nashville Camera Crew Covering the Bourbon Boom

Nashville Camera Crew is Banking on Bourbon with CNBC

Our Nashville camera crew, Peter Leininger and Chris Halleen, headed to Kentucky to get a taste of the “Bourbon Boom” with CNBC. Bourbon Boom...

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Nashville Camera Crew with Dr. Oz and Naomi Judd

Nashville Camera Crew Sits Down with Naomi Judd on The Dr. Oz Show

Our Nashville camera crew teamed up with our Columbia camera crew for an in-depth interview with Naomi Judd in her Nashville home for a...

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It's All So Yummy - Ice Cream Week

Nashville Camera Crew Celebrating Ice Cream Week At It’s All So Yummy

It’s All So Yummy Ice Cream Parlor Sugary sprinkles everywhere! Our Nashville camera crew, Peter Leininger, got his fill of ice cream with sprinkles...

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Nashville Camera Crew ELEAGUE Obstacle Course

Nashville Camera Crew Facing Obstacles with Turner’s ELEAGUE

Our Nashville camera crew, Peter Leininger, partnered with Turner Sports’ ELEAGUE to take some professional video gamers away from the computer and put them...

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WWE Network Special Olympian

Nashville Video Crew Working with a Special Olympian and WWE

Nashville Video Crew and WWE Feature Special Olympics Gold Medalist Did you know that WWE handles all the broadcasting for the Special Olympics? Our...

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Pac 12 Water Polo

Tennessee Video Crew Poolside with Pac-12

Water Polo Championships with Pac-12 Marco…? Polo! Pac-12 and our Tennessee video crew were poolside during the women’s water polo championships. The top four teams...

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Sheryl Crow Sits Down with E! News

Nashville Cameraman Gets Fashion Advice from Sheryl Crow on E! News Shoot

Sheryl Crow is a singer-songwriter and actress who has released eight albums, sold 50 million albums worldwide, won nine Grammys, performed with the world’s...

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