Teleprompter w/ teleprompter operator
QTV FDP-12 Teleprompting system

SC / NC Teleprompter

Dimensions 13” x 11” x 3.5 “
Screen Size: 12.1”
Brightness: 1500 Nits (Adjustable)
Power Consumption: 34 watts
AC Input: 90~265 V, 50-60 Hz
DC Input: 12VDC@3.0 Amps, 4 pin XLR
Video Input: Composite 1V P-P, 75 Ohms, NTSC, PAL, SECAM
VGA Input: High Density- D Connector, 15 pin
Video Output: BNC Connector (looping)
AC Fuse: 13.5 Amp
Weight: 13.5 lbs.
Cue Light: Built in

South Carolina Telepromter

The QTV FDP-12 Teleprompting system offers outstanding picture quality in a highly versatile package. Go To Team’s teleprompter is the all digital solution with precision controls guaranteed to make every shoot smoother. Our teleprompter operator’s are trained and ready for the quick location changes that occur in the field. And, with the QTV FDP-12, you’ll have an ultra bright unit capable of the most challenging outdoor locations.

Large enough for the most demanding studio use, but light enough to take into the field, the FDP-12’s are compact and rugged enough for any environment. With crisp visibility, even in direct sunlight, Go To Team will always have you covered – whether your shoot is indoors or outdoors. This teleprompter demands a low power supply and has High Definition and Standard Definition compatibility.

Using a hand controller gives smooth control of the prompter text speed and has buttons for forward, reverse, and next marker.
The brackets included allow the prompter to be mounted onto any camera and head arrangement. A second tier allows for any smaller camera to be able to shoot through the glass with ease.

The software used with Go To Team’s teleprompter features WinCue LT software scroll control. It provides specialized word-processing for all kinds of speech-based programs such as news, sports, entertainment, or any other application where prompting is required. Wincue LT supports scripts formatted in Windows 2000 & Windows XP and will import Word, TXT & RTF. Settings for individual presenters can be personalized down to font, size, color and read-rate. With a run order management, full screen editing, help screens, spell check and word count, putting together any script is a breeze.

The FDP-12SB is a 12″, flat display teleprompter; it features a lightweight design and a rugged mounting system. The flat display offers excellent image quality.

• Works in Various Conditions
Indoors, outdoors and in various lighting conditions this TelePrompTer performs in a very capable fashion.
• AC /DC Power
This unit works on 12 VDC battery power or through an AC universal power input.
• Lightweight
This system weighs 13 lbs allowing it to be portable and work with a variety of tripod sizes.