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NBC Video CrewMSNBC Camera CrewIn the 16 days leading up to Election Day Go To Team’s five video crews traveled daily, shooting in 28 cities and producing over 50 live shots.
Working with MSNBC Anchors Ashleigh Banfield, Chris Jansing, and Gregg Jarrett, the crews were shooting from 4AM to 4PM then traveled to their next location. Following the candidates meant crossing the country several times. In the first three days A & B Crews were in Little Rock, AK, Nashville, TN, and Davenport, IA. All five crews ended up in Nashville, TN or Austin, TX for election night coverage.On Location video production for MSNBC“It seemed more like a Rock n Roll tour than news coverage. However, at every new location we asked ourselves what can we do to make today’s live shots fresh?” said Cameraman Dwaine Scott.In addition, to their standard ENG packages (consisting of Sony D600’s), Go To Team used several Sony PC100 mini DV cameras, Robo Camera, and a pencil camera, to add life to the same old live shots. For several shots in Austin, TX they used an 80-foot scissor lift.However, the story doesn’t end there…the Thursday after the election Go To Team turned its resources to the Election recount.

Operations manager Patrick Bryant, “Our crews quickly reloaded and headed out for Florida and Texas. And, shortly after arriving they bought a Christmas tree.”
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Live Shot Locations:
A & B Crews
Little Rock, AK • Nashville, TN • Davenport, IA • Pittsburgh, PA • Green bay, WI
Portland, OR • Orlando, FL • Chicago, IL • Ames, IA • Huntington, WV • Philly, PA
St. Louis, MO • Nashville, TN • Austin, TX
C Crew
Bay City, MI • Albuquerque, NM • San Jose, CA • Minneapolis, MN
St. Louis, MO • Grand Rapids, MI • Pittsburgh, PA • Miami, FL
Green bay, WI • Davenport, IA • Little Rock, AK • Austin, TX
Tallahassee, FL
D& E Crews
Nashville, TN • West Palm, FL •Tallahassee, FL