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PPD Multi-Camera Shoot

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Go To Team Produces Live Event for Internet Broadcast

Multi-Camera Live Event Video Production for ConferenceOn November 21, Go To Team put together a five camera live event for PPD, a pharmaceuticals research company. The pharmaceutical company had assembled prominent speakers in Raleigh, NC for a moderated pharmaceutical discussion. Go To Team shot three 70-minute segments to be broadcast on the internet.

Go Two Team assembled a sizeable crew to help transformation of the Kennedy “Black Box”

Theatre into a fully functional TV Studio. A production truck was parked outside with a director. While inside five camera men, audio operators, a lighting director, floor director, make up artist, several production assistants and technical manager Skip Clark worked their magic. But before they could spring into action on that day, months of intense planning had to be done. There were several site surveys where minute details, such as the carpet color were taken into consideration. Days before the shoot the stage was moved several times.

Bright lights and tight shots were critical for this shoot. “The event was designed for the internet, which meant ‘Bright and Tight,’ but at the same time PPD wanted it to be less intrusive,” says GTT Tech manager Skip Clark. “They really wanted to create an environment that would encourage the audience to participate in the event and not feel inhibited by the lights or crew and our crew was able to accomplish that because we had positioned out of the way. We had crew that was able to operate quiet and behind the scenes and yet we were able to get the job done and get it done well.”

Go To Team worked with executive producer Glen Fishkin of Mind Blazer on this event. “I‘ve used Go To Team for a variety of productions, from one man band shoots, all the way through multi-production shoots with a director and truck and in every case…Go To Team has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and budget and attention to detail.”

“An event like this is a success when no one notices the crew and it doesn’t seem like a televised event,” says Clark. Fishkin agrees. He says PPD was more than pleased with the end result. “They loved it and I think they’re going to come back for more.”