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Denmark’s A Wrap for the Clark Crew… Headed Home

After spending about a week over in Denmark, Go To Team’s Skip Clark and John South are headed home to Charlotte, NC. They arrived in Copenhagen last week and worked their way through the rest of Denmark looking for wind turbines and other forms of alternative energy as they worked on a story for HDNet’s World Report. The crew, Skip and John along with correspondent Leslie Boghosian and Jennifer Wlach, was traveling in two cars: a Mazda 5 and a Volkswagen Passat wagon. Yeah, they’re small cars for a television crew. But it turns out those two cars were the perfect size for their trip and the equipment Skip and John brought over. Their gear included the Panasonic HDX-400 (of course, High Definition) , a Canon 4.7 X 11 wide angle and a Canon 21 X 7.5 long lens. Both pieces of glass were great to have, the wide angle for up close shots of the turbines and the long lens for interviews and scenics. The light kit? A small Arri kit with a 650watt fresnel, a 600watt open face, two 300watt fresnels, and three 150watt fresnels. They also brought over two HMIs for use outdoors and at any location with windows. The Bron-Kobold units were the best because they didn’t require any kind of voltage conversion; just plug them in and they’re ready to go! John brought over his Sound Devices 442 mixer with three Lectrosonic 411 wireless systems paired with SM transmitters. And interviews and b-roll sounded great with his new Schoeps boom mic. This mic is great for the sound: a rich, rounded sound that’s great at picking up just what you’re aiming at. And all this along with luggage and the rest of the support gear filled the cars. So Leslie, Jen, South, and Skip all head home EARLY Thursday morning and take the eight hour flight back to Newark. And the only challenge remaining is getting all the gear home! Let’s hope that the airlines don’t lose all of it again…