The Daily Show

Video Clip

The Daily Show on Comedy Central recently completed video segments shot in
Columbia, SC by Go To Team.

The story was broadcast on January 21st. The humorous focus was on the civil rights movement surrounding the confederate flag and South Carolina’s new holiday: Confederate Memorial Day.

A native of South Carolina, correspondent Stephen Colbert, interviewed three guests, for the spot including: State Senator Glenn McConnell, Maurice Bessinger of Maurice’s Gourmet Barbeque, and Dwight James of NAACP (or NCAA –CP as Colbert jokingly called it).

“It was a humorous piece, Colbert kept us smiling,” Go To Team Camerman Neal Kinard commented, “The one thing he didn’t make fun of was the mustard based BBQ sauce.”

The Daily Show, with host Jon Stewart, is a television show that takes a comic view on current event news, pop culture news, sports news, and entertainment news.

From Comedy Central, Producer Jo Honig and Correspondent Stephen Colbert. Adam Schmidt of Crew Connection arranged the shoot. Click on the “Play” button to see the entire piece in Windows Media Player.

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