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Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Beckmann’s Documentary Across Italy

rome 300x225 Beckmanns Documentary Across Italy

Beckmann’s Documentary Across Italy

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rome 300x225 Beckmanns Documentary Across Italy

Collisium at night

Go To Team’s Orlando DP, Dan Beckmann, and Executive Producer, Sue Stauffer, spent two weeks crisscrossing Italy for an international documentary on daily life throughout the country.

Their job – to travel across Rome, Florence, Pisa, Sienna, Bologna, and Venice – and capture the daily goings-on amidst the Italian culture.

From wine in the Chianti region of Tuscany, to local “hidden” spots throughout the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance – the two were able to witness the beauty, culture, history and allure, of a country that continues to captivate the hearts and imaginations of millions of visitors and Italians alike.