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Blazing Saddles

Go To Team‘s Raleigh, NC ENG crew Jimmy Hall and Ian McCullen hit the road for FOX News to cover a story about Mini Guide Horses.
The heart of the story centered around Dan Shaw, the first recipient of Cuddles, a Mini Guide Horse, in Kittrell, North Carolina.
The crew spent the day on the farm where Cuddles was trained. They also followed them to their favorite BBQ joint to capture Cuddles’ unique way to assist Dan in public.
The crew learned some interesting facts about Mini Guide Horses while on the shoot; for instance, Mini Horses live nearly 30 years longer than K-9’s, who are typically trained for this type of assistance, they’re less expensive to take care of, and Mini Guide Horses also live in homes.. and wear sneakers!
Check out this site to learn more about Dan, Cuddles, and Mini Guide Horses.