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CIMG0306 Breaking Cameras

Breaking Cameras

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CIMG0306 Breaking CamerasGo To Team’s Skip Clark and Rene Cusson were in Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas, for the NASCAR race. And while they were they there, they broke some cameras. But it was all planned out. Fox Sports talent Jeff Hammond and NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer were at the Fort Worth stockyards to drive Chevrolet’s monster truck, the Bounty Hunter. If there’s a monster truck, stuff has to get broken. Skip, Rene, and Jimmy Lucas set up several cameras for the shoot; two Toshiba IK-TU51 Ice-Cube cameras for in the cab and CIMG0313 Breaking Camerasunder the nosCIMG0305 Breaking Camerase, and a whole bunch of Panasonic PC823 board cameras to run over. The Toshibas have always been a great camera for in-car shots, but when building them into a monster truck, extra care had to be taken to secure them. The board cameras were easy; the crew used a little gaffer’s tape and then ran a long cable out to the deck. The rest was up to the truck and the drivers! Check out a short video on You Tube