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Go To Team Goes Black Ops!

Charlotte based DP Skip Clark and audio operator John South just finished a shoot last week that brought them into the Special Forces.  At least for a day.  The History Channel’s Modern Marvels (one of Skip’s all-time favorite shows!) hired Go To Team’s Clark crew and went to Mountain City, TN, for a feature about night vision.  The day started with a   tour of the facility where they build and maintain night vision goggles and scopes for our military forces.  They followed up the tour with some interviews with a few of the guys that are responsible for designing and manufacturing this equipment, all of them ex-military.  And the day ended with a class; they were teaching a local Sheriff’s Department how to use night vision in a SWAT situation.  Because all the training occurs in the dark (Duh?!), Skip and John used a night vision scope designed for the Varicam to capture all the action.  The Astroscope 9323-B fits between the camera and lens and works just like the scopes the troops wear.  As a matter of fact, the scope Skip was using actually used tubes manufactured in the same facility!  Be sure to watch for the footage on Modern Marvels in January.
We could tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you…