Baker Crew Hunts Serial Killer, Judges BBQ, Gets “Heart Smart”, Goes Green, and Runs from the Police in a Busy July

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Go To Team’s Charlotte Based Dave Baker is back home and rested up after a busy couple of weeks on the road. The month began with ABC’s “Good Morning America” and “World News Tonight” coverage of the hunt for a Serial Killer in Gaffney, SC with Jeffrey Kofman.

After a brief Trip Home and a battery recharge, the Baker Crew headed South again to aid in HD Coverage of the BBQ Challenge in

Greenwoodone of the many memorable contestants at the BBQ Challenge, SC for The Food Network.

Fortunately the Sony F900 kept Dave’s hungry hands out of the majority of the samples being offered up for the competition, though a select few samples did go missing…
Fortified with a “Healthy” dose of “the other white meat,” the Baker crew shot back up to its Home Base in Charlotte, NC, grabbed a Sony D-600 Beta Camera, and Ironically shot a story on heart health for NBC’s “Dateline”, before droppng south of the border again with GTT’s Panasonic High Definition HDX900 for John Deere in Fort Mill, SC.

Shelby County Sherriff's Dept. Kevin Pruitt and "Ruger"
Shelby County Sherriff's Dept. Kevin Pruitt and "Ruger"

After a few flashbacks to the farm he grew up on, Dave Baker finally left the mowing to the experts at John Deere and headed to Shelby, NC with a Panasonic SDX900 and audio expert Frank Perez to shoot a segment of Animal Planet’s “Untamed and Uncut.” The story detailed the apprehension of an escaped convict by Police K-9’s “Ruger” and “Jada.” The highlights of the shoot were the demonstrations in which these Police Dogs showcased their skills by tracking and “Taking Down” their trainers for the camera. Jada expressed a strong and totally unexpected interest in Dave during the shoot. Keep an eye out for this upcoming episode to gain a “Perp’s” eye view.

K-9 Takedown Demo