Beckmann Bakes a Cake

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Go To Team’s Orlando crew, DP Dan Beckmann, and cameraman Dan Lowery, spent the day baking cakes!

Mercedes and Alex Strachwsky, owners of Bake Me A Cake Bakery in Altamonte Springs, are nearly 100% fondant supported.

Fondant, a cream confection that can be used for everything from cakes, to candy and pastries, can be rolled or poured.  It’s made by cooking sugar and water together, then cooling slightly, and stirring or beating until it becomes a creamy, opaque consistency.  A popular example of poured fondant is Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

Rolled fondant is of a different material altogether.  Primarily used for decorating cakes, the gelatin and food-grade glycerine gives the sugar a dough-like consistency – much like Play-Doh.  Bakers can then roll it out like a pie crust and lay it over cakes, creating a very smooth, textured appearance.

Satin Fine Foods, based in New York’s lower Hudson Valley, is the leading commercial producer of rolled fondant in the United States.  And Satin Ice, their most popular item, is a globally distributed product that has managed to find its way atop cakes of all kinds – in places all over the world!  Kevin O’Reilly, owner of Satin Fine Foods hired Go To Team to help capture cake-making at its finest!

And even supermarkets across the country are beginning to take notice of Satin Ice!  As several chains have begun to introduce Kevin’s product as part of their cake program.  And Satin Fine Foods latest, Gum Paste and Satin Ice Rolled Fondant, now come in all different colors!

Frosty atop a Christmas Cake
Frosty atop a Christmas Cake