Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Live from Orlando – “Tiger Talks” – Woods goes on the web!


Live from Orlando – “Tiger Talks” – Woods goes on the web!

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Tiger Woods was the focal point of a national Nike Golf Experience, where fans got to ask questions, live, via the web!

Through the latest cutting-edge internet technology, Nike Golf connected Tiger Woods with consumers in eight different cities throughout the U.S.  For one full hour, from Orlando to San Francisco, “Tiger Web Talkback” enabled the world’s number 1 golfer to discuss his game, offer opinions and advice, and talk about his future to fans of all ages.  For those unable to attend the various locations in person, the event was streaming live, on-line, at nikegolf.com.

“I enjoy an opportunity to speak directly to golf fans. It’s cool to be able to do it through the cutting-edge technology of the web,” said Woods. “We are going to have a fun time and I look forward to sharing my views about different facets of the game,” said Woods.
Sue Stauffer, Orlando’s Go To Team Executive Producer, ran point on this project, while GTT’s Director of Photography, Dan Beckmann, maintained the “Tiger-Cam” as the evening’s host.

The technical set up for this event was second-to-none!  The Orlando based GTT crew helped turn a conference room into a studio, complete with a mini-control room network to support the creative and production team, a prompter, a TD station, and a “Hot Set” for Tiger with full lighting.  The extremly complex audio system, which included IFB through the web and silent IFB sceanrios with webcast-video monitoring stations for the various executives within the room, was also built.

This was a chance for Go To Team to help deliver its network level broadcast style to a national spotlight!