Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Charleston Crew “Unwrapped” for Food Network


Charleston Crew “Unwrapped” for Food Network

Recently, Go To Team’s Charleston based Dave Baker got to enjoy a day working in our own back yard for the Food Network’s “Unwrapped”.  “Callie’s Charleston Biscuits” was the focus of the piece, and what a piece it was!  Callies is a world renowned kitchen with customers  the world over.  She has been featured on “The Today Show”, “Modern Bride” Magazine, and Martha Stewart.  And the Biscuits meet the hype!  Dave had a hard time keeping his hands on the HDX900 and away from tray after tray of fresh baked biscuits as they came out of the oven and begged to be eaten rather than arranged carefully beneath Kino-Flo divas and captured on HD tape.  It was tough, but self control won out over hunger, and the feature came together well.  Dave even got to take home a dozen biscuits.

The Food Network Video Clip is here.