Charleston Crew Didn’t Miss a Beat with Jacob Jeffries Band

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Jacob Jeffries Band Live
Jacob Jeffries Band Live

The Jacob Jeffries Band exploded on to the Charleston music scene with intricate melodies and spontaneous yet carefully created compositions. Without missing a beat, GTT was on the scene.  Dave Baker was there to capture the show.

Their performance exceeded the hype, with upbeat music that immediately stirred the audience right from the start. Opening with their hit “Astronomy” the set included tracks from their latest album “Wonderful” with some older songs mixed in. Backed by a guitarist who, made one guitar seem like the work of three or four, injected sick solos and complimentary rhythm working with Jeffries sound. The rest of the band brought the “Wonderful” album to life showing off a more electrifying full band sound compared to their previous album.

It was beyond a great musical performance as the band connected to the audience up close and personal delivering on point.

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