Go To Team Works With Fox Sports To Introduce The Super Bowl

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There was four hours of pre-game coverage on Fox before Super Bowl 45.  There were features about the players, about the stars at the game, about the field and all the festivities that led up to the game.  And then, finally, there were the player introductions.  And those last pieces that aired just before the kickoff were shot by Go To Team’s Skip Clark.  Based in Los Angeles now, Skip was able to work in the Fox Sports studio on the Fox lot to work with actor Sam Elliot and producer Jake Jolivette for the intros features.  Jake wanted to make the introduction pieces different from all the standard introductions so he structured a script that told more of a story instead of just reading out the names.  And when the big game is in Texas, who else should voice it over but Sam Elliot – the actor who often plays the quintessential cowboy.  Elliot’s voice, look, and presence made the piece.  And once editor Victor Gonzalez finished up the post, it was a complete package.  Skip lensed Elliot’s stand-ups with Go To Team’s new Arri Ultra Primes package and married the lenses to his Panasonic Varicam with the P+S Technik Pro35 adapter.

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