Nashville Crew Shoots For The Pencil Foundation

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Since launching the Nashville market we’ve tried to give back to the community through offering our time and resources to deserving organizations.  The Pencil Foundation was the next non-profit on our list.  Equipped with a HDX 900 and a Nano Flash, I got to work.

If you’re not familiar with what the Pencil Foundation does, basically they’re an organization of tutors that donate their time to the Nashville school system.  On top of that, they also run a store for teachers called the “Pencil Box.”  At the Pencil Box, a teacher can purchase school supplies at no cost to their own.

The day started at their office where we shot a welcome/training video for new tutors.  The rest of the day was spent visiting schools where tutors were busy with students.  We also made a stop at the Pencil Box and got an interview with the manager explaining how it works.

I had a great time on this shoot.  Actually, I’ve enjoyed all the charity shoots because it’s given me an opportunity to meet locals and learn about some very worthy causes in the Music City.