Power Gen Powers into Orlando Florida

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Power Gen Convention - Orlando, Florida

POWER-GEN International, the industry leader in providing comprehensive coverage of trends, technologies and issues facing the generation sector, made its way to Orlando, Florida – and Go To Team was there for a front-row seat!

Capturing interviews and b-roll with the HVX 200, Orlando DP/Partner Dan Beckmann, and audio operator Mike Rothwell played around with the Fisheye lens, while Editor/Producer Trey Jenkins, edited and organized the P2 work-flow throughout the day.

Dan and Mike also shared both, audio and shooting responsibilities.  It was a true team effort!

As the need to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively becomes more and more important, no other event bridges those challenges with creative solutions like POWER-GEN International.

Over 1,200 companies from all sectors of the industry were on hand to showcase their exhibits, with more than 19,000 attendees showing up to check out the new solutions and innovations for the future.