Raleigh Crew Continues on the Conspiracy Theory Ride

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Season 3 of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is deep in production and GTT’s Raleigh based cameraman Jimmy Hall has played a big part in shooting a chunk of episodes for the new season.

With the Panasonic HDX 900 and a couple of Go Pros(with every attachment imaginable) in tow, Jimmy has been plane hopping across the Southeast and Midwest from Atlanta, Georgia to the caves of Springfield and Branson Missouri and frequent trips to the to the Twin Cities, which Jimmy has declared his home away from home away from home.

Here’s a few of conspiracies¬† you can look forward to:¬† Human/Animal hybrids, Death Rays, Lizard People, and of course the TSA will be put under the microscope too.

Check out the new season when it airs on Tru TV sometime in early 2012.

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