Raleigh Cameraman Goes Toe-to-Toe with World’s Largest Gummy Bear

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Worlds Largest Gummy Bear
Worlds Largest Gummy Bear shot by Raleigh Crew

MSNBC’s American Business recently profiled a Raleigh, NC business that likes to do things their way.  GGB’s business model is grow slow and steady, even when your product is in high demand.  So, what is this product that’s in such high demand…here’s a couple hints:

It weighs 5lbs.
It’s the size of a football.
It has the shelf life of marble (300 yrs if you didn’t know).
It contains 6 days worth of your daily calorie intake

Obviously, I could only be talking about the World’s Largest Gummy Bear.

Raleigh Cameraman Jimmy Hall using the Panasonic HDX 900 along with Sound Operator Neal Gettinger hung out with these modern day Willy Wonka’s to get a better understanding of their marketing genius and the insatiable hunger for their product.

Lookie here for Gummy madness:

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