Charleston Crew Teams Up with Guerrilla Cuisine to Bring Food to the People

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The Mission: to bring an elegant dining experience to a secret location under guerrilla cooking conditions.

The Location: an undisclosed venue forgotten by time

The A-Team: Culinary Connoisseur “jimihatt”, and GTT’s Charleston based Baker Crew.

After helping “revitalize” (ie: removing old furniture, wiring, dust covers, and other various detritus) the abandoned venue, Dave Baker set to work documenting the preparation of the feast. Mood lighting, artwork, tablecloths, silverware, and even a musician were brought in and arranged to elevate the ambiance and set the mood for the evening. Armed with a Panasonic HDX900, Baker invaded the kitchen to shoot prep, and took shots from the shadows of the main event. In between courses, interviews with the chef, Jimihatt, and happy attendees under the glow of Kino Flo Divas. True to guerrilla form, after the last crumb of dessert was eaten, and the last drop of wine imbibed, Go To Team faded quietly into the night on their way to the next cool shoot.