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Charlotte Crew Shoots for American Honda Motors, Inc.

We love corporate shoots, so you can imagine our excitement to shoot with American Honda Motors, Inc. Our goal was to shoot an interview with the Director of Waste Management for Hendrick Automotive Group. My audio op and I spent a few minutes scouting the inside of the facility and before we knew it, the set was lit and the F900 was ready to roll tape. The office we choose didn’t afford us the space we would have liked so I shot through the doorway to achieve the depth I needed. 2 Kino Flos provided all the light we needed for the interviews and they looked great!

Next on the list was B-Roll so we wrapped out of the interview space and set up in the in the lobby. Here I was able to capture some of the nicely lit display cases and elements that looked cool. I eventually made my way outside to shoot exteriors and signage. This shoot was made even cooler when we found out that Mr. Rick Hendrick himself was inside touring the facility as we were shooting. Unfortunately it was such a short day and Mr. Hendrick and I didn’t cross paths but we made the best of our time and sent the client back with some great content!