Our Charlotte crew shoots a corporate piece for Inmar

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I had an opportunity to shoot a Corporate piece for Inmar In Winston-Salem last month. Shooting in a corporate setting is always fun but challenging as well because you never know what you will be tackling in terms of lighting and space available.

I was shooting on the Panasonic HDX-900 (nanoflash enabled) The nanoflash is an awesome piece of gear because it lets you record from either an HDSDI or HDMI source and automatically converts them to mov files. This is great when the client wants to walk with the files at the end of the day instead of tapes.

I started the day shooting exterior Broll and then moved inside to set up for interviews. All of the available interview rooms had big wall windows which are always fun because they make interesting backgrounds. Utilizing my Arri tungsten heads I made that daylight work and produced some interesting looks for the producer.

We wrapped the piece up with some fun interior Broll of the executives and team members interacting around the office. The day went down with out a hitch and the producer loved the fact that we were able to transfer files continuously through out the day.

Looking forward to the next one!