Dallas Crew heads to Austin, TX for Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Event

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I’ve been out in Texas for almost a month shooting a pilot for a lifestyle network.  Of course, I’m not shooting everyday.  NBC got word that I was in the Lone Star State and wanted to see if I was available to make the trip down to the state capitol.  Luckily I was.  Armed with a HDX 900 I headed down to Austin.

Lance Armstrong addresses the cyclists before the start of the event.

I was there for two days covering the 15th anniversary of Livestrong.  I was shooting for NBC’s Rock Center.  On the first day I manned the “yellow” carpet.  My producer was hoping to catch Lance Armstrong walking down the yellow carpet.  However, Lance decided not to make an appearance and apparently slipped in through the back door.

On the second day of shooting I covered the Livestrong cycling event.  Over 4,300 cyclists attended the event.  Lance did make a brief appearance there.  He remained positive in his remarks before disappearing again.  Afterwards I shot some b-roll of cyclists crossing the start/finish line.  Some of the cyclists were pedaling up to 100 miles for the charity organization.  The Rock Center producer had hoped to get Lance interacting with fellow cyclists but like the other night, he avoid the media and disappeared.

I had a blast in Austin.  People are right, that city rocks.  Can’t wait to head down there again for business or pleasure.

Literally a sea of cyclists could be found in Austin.