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LA Crew Gets Up Close And Personal for the NFL

If you’re shooting game action, you need to be as close to the action as possible.  Tough to do that if you’re all the way on the sideline of an NFL game.  But a lot easier if you’ve got a 40X zoom lens!  Go To Team’s Skip Clark has been shooting game action this NFL season for the Fox Sports NFL Pre-Game show and he found the perfect lens for it.   The Canon 40X and the Fuji 42X are great lenses for ENG as they’re long enough to get tight into the action but just portable enough that Skip can still get up and down the field to follow the game action.  The lenses are adapted to fit onto the Sony F3 with AbelCine’s new HDX35 adaptor which allows you to put a B4 mount lens onto a PL mount camera (cameras like the Arri Alexa, Sony F3, and the Red).  Without a doubt, the total rig is a little heavy, but well worth it when you can see the center’s hands grip the ball just before he snaps it!