LA Crew Shoots With James Caan for Fox Sports

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Every week Fox Sports opens their show NFL pre-game show with a tease segment titled ‘The Journey.’  It’s a re-cap on the past week and a look ahead to the current week of football with highlights and footage from the season.  But a big part of that segment is the celebrity voice-over.  Each week it’s a different celebrity that Fox brings into the studio and Go To Team’s Skip Clark is there almost every week to DP the shoot.  But sometimes it’s not in the studio.  Recently, when James Caan was in for the shoot, both of the Fox studios were booked and Skip was forced to use a boring multi-purpose room.  No biggie.  Just a lot of black solids to cover all the floor-to-ceiling windows and then some big fresnels and some scrims did the trick.  Skip used the 1K and 2K fresnels lamped with just household lamps (thanks to Gaffer Garret Graves!) to shoot toward the lens and lend that Hollywood look, but then layered the shot with some single net scrims raked with lekos to fill out the shot.  Using Go to Team’s Sony F3 all the layers worked well together to create a lot of depth and Go To Team’s Wally Dolly portable dolly system added just a little movement to make the shot dynamic.