LA Crew is Staying Busy with New Slider!

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Using the slider for Outside The Lines at Pearl Harbor

Los Angeles based Dan Lowrey made his move back to California and hasn’t even had time to get his surfboard wet! He’s spent the last few months covering some of the coolest projects out there from traveling to Switzerland, Hawaii, Arizona, Tampa, Texas, St Louis and Milwaukee. One of Lowrey’s favorite toys is his new MYT Slider. It travels perfectly in a Storm case, which means you can get cool shots anywhere in the world! A dolly requires a smooth/flat surface to get a good shot but the slider attaches to a tripod and can be used on an array of surfaces. It can handle a tricked out 5D or even a full size Varicam sliding at a 4 foot length. Check out the video below to see what the slider can do for your next shoot.

Slider Video

More slider action in Hawaii
Slider makes its way to college football with Lowrey for FOX Sports