Nashville Crew Goes Behind the Scenes with “The Champ”

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The NASCAR season is in full gear.  I headed down to Charlotte to shoot behind scenes footage of the new Sprint commercial with Jimmie Johnson.  It’s no secret that I love NASCAR so I must say I was pretty pumped to be shooting the five-time Sprint Cup champion.

I was shooting on the Panasonic HDX 900.  The client wanted to walk away with a digital copy of the footage so I attached my Nano Flash to the camera via HDSDI.  When we wrapped I dumped the footage to my Nexto hard drive.  Then all I had to do was plug the Nexto into the client’s hard drive and copy over the footage.  In this business it’s crucial to have backups and by using the Nexto not only does the client walk away with a copy but I do as well.  Of course, we also have the tapes as a backup too.

It’s equipment like this that makes the day easy and worry free.  That’s the way I like it because I can just focus all my energy on “The Champ.”